Team SNN & Their Core Values

Ramesh Agarwal, MD

‘Bengaluru is undoubtedly the best liveable city’
Bengaluru’s status trajectory as the most liveable city in the country is indeed a Phoenix-like renaissance story. From being a laid-back city, its transformation into a hi-tech hub is quite inspirational. With highly productive and innovative human resources, Bengaluru is today in a league of its own, setting examples for others to emulate. While it is faced with the challenges and opportunities that are presented by being in the top class, over the years, the city has also established a strong reputation for innovative policies and effective policy implementation. People are rooted and drawn to a place where they have the best conditions and opportunities to live, work and grow, Bengaluru is undoubtedly the most liveable city.

Shah Sanjay, MD

‘It is essential to make lives of B'lureans more homely’
Aligning ourselves with the development of Bengaluru, at SNN we believe that we too have to play a crucial role in alleviating the standard of life of people who are the main pillars of growth of the city. Residents of Bengaluru have diverse backgrounds, and their cultural heritages influence the city’s unique ambience and it is its flexibility and adaptability that contribute to its dynamism. And as builders, it becomes a huge responsibility on our part to ensure that Bengalureans have all the upscale comforts. In keeping with our corporate philosophy of ‘Aspirations Fulfilled’, SNN Builders constantly strives to externally fulfill the aspirations of our customers owning a dream home.

Nitin Agarwal, Director

‘Following ethics is the mantra of our business’
In a tough competitive industry like construction, what can indeed make one stand out is sticking to ethical business conduct. And this includes several aspects which we at SNN adhere to strictly. Complying with every provision of the contract, and every provision of any other contract which a contract requires us to perform; being accurate in every document; ensuring that we have a culture of promoting full compliance with ethical behaviours; and creating a system of internal controls to ensure that the inevitable mistakes are corrected promptly.

Neelu Jain, Director

‘Proper communication has been a strong point’
Since 1994, SNN Builders has made great strides in changing the lifestyle of Bengalureans. Having understood the core philosophy behind comfortable living, we have been innovating constantly to give our customers the best. We take pride in our success journey so far and it is essentially because of our stringent focus on many factors such as qualified employees, quality workmanship and financial management, honesty, having good subcontractors, customer communications, reputation, and completing projects on time. Each builder has to run something like a factory where the flow of product is fairly steady.

Shivshankar Bhat, Director

‘The magic lies in a shared project vision’
Having made silent, but significant strides in the residential construction industry, we at SNN believe that the traditional approach to success still holds good - placing great emphasis on the ability to plan and execute projects. While companies completing projects in a timely manner within an established budget and meeting required quality considerations are considered a success story, we at SNN also believe that management practices and organisational stability, also make all the difference. Understanding that the future environment of the typical construction company will be much different due to technological and economic advancements.

Nikhil Agarwal, Director.

‘We are on the cutting edge of building tech’
The growth of new technologies in the construction industry is expected to have an impact on the way construction is performed in the future. With new methodologies, there are expected to be changes in the composition of the workforce. New construction technologies may require the attainment of new skills or trades with the consequence of establishing new or redesigned training programs. At SNN, we keep a forecast and all of these impacts are expected to require new training methodologies and associated up-skilling. As efficiency codes have come into effect in recent years, new construction technologies and methods have emerged.

Ashish Bandhari, Director

‘Our engineers are critical thinkers’
At SNN, we have prioritised roles of each vital segment and the foremost that comes to have a great bearing on our projects is the role of the civil engineer. Having to lead a diverse team of professionals, the effectiveness of the civil engineer’s leadership skills is a significant determining factor in keeping a project on time and on budget. At SNN, we have critical thinking as a necessary trait in an engineer. They are often confronted with complex problems and must be able to identify the most reasonable approach in dealing with them, as well as effectively and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions.

Srinivasan, CEO.

‘Sustainability is at the core of our CSR’
At SNN, we have a strong leaning towards corporate social responsibility (CSR). With a school under our sponsorship and many health and awareness related camps being organised throughout the year, our CSR approach is integrated accordingly. Sustainability is at the core of our CSR activities so that development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For effective implementation, we have formed a committee which oversees the systematic development of a set of processes for CSR to deliver its proposed value, including processes such as developing strategies and operationalising the institutional mechanism.