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Happy families and well integrated communities is what we aspire for. The SNN Referral Program has thus been designed to help you earn amazing rewards while you help us build dwelling spaces where you are surrounded by your loved ones. All you have to do is recommend us to any of your friends, family or colleagues. For every successful booking of an SNN apartment through your recommendation, we will ensure that you are suitably rewarded.

The SNN Referral Program
Thank you for your interest in SNN Referral, a privilege club, where membership is open only to a preferred few. Distinguished individuals like you, who prefer to live a class apart, who prefer the finer things in life and choose the SNN lifestyle. SNN Referral is our way of keeping in touch with you. It’s our way of acknowledging your patronage. And of course, it’s our way of bringing together all our prestigious customers to benefit from an even more rewarding relationship. To start with, let us introduce you to the very first initiatives.

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